Bodø Fiskemottak – The source of great taste

Our goal is to achieve first class quality through innovation and cooperation.

Bodø Fiskemottak AS is a subsidiary in the Salten Fiskeindustri group. We believe that the key to value creation is through complete control of the value chain, efficient usage of raw material and smart logistics. We have a new and modern Fish Handling Factory with state of the art equipment. Our current production capacity is up to 70 tonnes each shift. Bodø Fiskemottak is strategically located in close proximity to Salten Fiskeindustri and Nordnorsk Klippfisk Kompani. This closeness gives us a great competitive advantage when it comes to logistics and access to fresh raw material.
Bodø Fiskemottak – The source of great taste AS
Postadresse: Burøyveien 11, 8012 Bodø
Besøksadresse: Sjøgata 21, 8006 Bodø 918875190
Bodø Fiskemottak AS

Roy Johansen

Production manager - Bodø Fiskemottak
+47 46 50 10 54